"Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy some real Lisu life! We really enjoyed our stay here and especially the food prepared by Susananand the Lisu massage :-)    We will never forget the wonderful Lisu Herbal Steam bath either. With love" Maiye and Cindy, Netherlands

"What a lovely home you have, thank you kindly for welcoming me into your life - I felt right at home. This is exactly what I needed after two  months on the road. The yoga and meditation, as a beginner, went beyond my expectations. I've never felt so better after the 7-day detox! The Lisu massage was the icing on the cake Be assured I will be spreading the word on this amazing place. Albert, you are a an inspirational teacher, thank you for all your advise and wisdom. " Cindy, Canada

"I'm so glad I had this experience. It's one of the reasons I came North from Southern Thailand. What a pleasure to stay in the home of a Lisu Tribe and get the real experience. I most enjoyed eating a delicious dinner with the entire family and wearing a traditional dress while learning Lisu dance. Thank you for doing a homestay program I can't wait to show my family the pictures." Lisa, USA

"Thank you for your hospitality. This home and village is so filed with warmth and love. The Lisu massage was wonderful and I really enjoyed walking about and exploring."  Katie, NZ

"Thank you for your warmth and hospitality during our stay here. It was a refreshing change from the guest houses we have stayed at. The jewelry course was awesome and a special thank you to Susanan for allowing me to participate in the preparation of evening meals. Hope to be able to return in the near future."  Mark, Australia

"Thank you for welcoming us into your home for the past few days and nights. The food was fabulous and acudzamyet [Lisu for delicious]. We really enjoyed the jewelry making, meditation, and sitting around the fire at night with Meau [cat's name] cozy in our laps."                                      Cassidy and Brianna, Canada

"Learned a lot about Lisu people/culture and even more about myself. Thanks for the opportunity...truly blessed we all are."  Kate, USA

"Had a great time getting to know the Lisu people. Life in the village reminded me of my early childhood spending time with my grandparents in the Korean countryside. The Lisu "pitch and roll" game was amazing to watch and I was happy to be invited to play. See you again next year." Guen, Korea  ( stayed for one month!)

"Finding this program was such a blessing> Thank you for providing such a personalized Detox program." Andrea, USA

"Thank you Albert and Susanan! I really enjoyed my stay here. It was great to take some time out of a busy hectic travel schedule and just relax and reflect. The intro course to jewelry was fun, and I loved the Lisu massages! I feel like I learned a lot about detoxing and how the body works."  Kelly, UK

"Thank you very much! I felt at home, and for the first time in Thailand I slept like a baby, had the best food, it really feels like family. I got to know a bit more about Lisu people, I'm happy because being in Thailand was a bit difficult for me till I came here. It's a shame I have to leave to renew my visa other wise I would have stayed longer. Hasta luego, Mucho Amor!"  Aleybet, Mexico

"What an amazing experience, what a beautiful life. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity"  Shawn, Australia

" Coming here to spend time with Albert and Susanan was truly and  enlightening experience. The warmth and of the family and the way of life here was very therapeutic and healing. This experience will stay in our thoughts when we return home to England! Thank you"   Goan and Colin, UK

" I had a most rewarding and enjoyable week here in your lovely home. It was everything that I expected and more. I learned so much and had a very relaxing time. I will definitely come back to visit again and spread the good news. Many thanks to you both, Albert and Susanan for your most warm welcome and care.  May health and happiness always dwell in your home"  Patrick, Ireland

" Thank you so much for your warm hospitality! It was great to be welcomed into a Lisu home and see how life is for you. The walk [mountain herb walk] was interesting and it certainly is beautiful here." Jenny, UK and Kuhn Kom, Thailand

"We had  a lovely time at your home stay, very good food, the kids loved to play with Atah [Lisu boy] , the cat, looking at the baby chicks, every day life...the great massage. Thank you so much for sharing this with us."   Ilse, Chris, Marthe and Laris,  Belgium

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