Lisu Hill Tribe

Welcome to The Lisu Hill Tribe HomeStay and Cultural Immersion Experience.

If you are a traveler who desires to go beyond the standard tourist attractions and engage yourself in local culture and lifestyle the Lisu people invite you to live in their village homes and enjoy warm hospitality. They are eager to share their crafts skills and peaceful way of life with you.

The Lisu people are a semi nomadic indigenous tribe who originally lived in Tibet. Over the past three hundred years they have migrated down through China, Burma, and Laos. About 80 years ago they began to settle in the mountains of North Thailand along the border of Burma (Myanmar).  Our purpose is to show you how the Lisu Hill Tribe people live, work and play by being a part of the village life doing as the Lisu do on a daily basis.

Your Lisu Mama, Susanan, big smile, big heart!

The Lisu Culture is rarely accurately documented but it is a culture formed centuries ago and is in major transition today.   Come with us to understand the ways and culture of this colourful and fascinating ancient people before they assimilate into the dominant Thai culture.

You are invited to live with a Lisu family in the village of  Nong Tong a small an easy accessable Lisu settlement to experience hill tribe life at first hand.  The town of  ‘Pangmapha’ Formerly known as Soppong is Situated just 45 kilometers from the popular town of  ‘Pai’ in Northern Thailand.