Our homestay program invites you to embrace the ancient refreshingly natural and nurturing way of life of the Lisu culture. The Hill tribe people are a tribe of semi nomadic indigenous people originally from the far North of China and Tibet. The Lisu are mountain people, usually living in rugged mountain terrain above 1000 meters. Over the last 300 years they migrated southward through China, Burma and Laos and settled in the rugged mountains of Northern Thailand, Mae Hong Son Province along the border of Burma.  Experience the “back to nature” healing methods and wild edible cuisine of the Hill Tribe people of Northern Thailand. The home stay program is also a Crafts School where classes in traditional handicrafts, natural healing, dancing and more are taught by Hill Tribe people.

The information we offer on this site is extensive. Just pick a topic of interest to you and click on it to learn much about these fascinating people and the programs they offer in their Nong Tong village, near Pai, north Thailand.

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Your Lisu Host, Susanan

Susanan is a native Lisu lady, born in Nong Tong village near Soppong,              Northern Thailand.  She is an expert in plant identification, both edible and medicinal plants, a massage therapist, an accomplished seamstress, a mother, grandmother, gardener, great cook, with a wealth of knowledge about living simply in a natural way. Her heart is bigger than her smile. She speaks Lisu, Thai and English. Her husband is an expat from America. This picture shows her cooking sticky rice stuffed in bamboo stalks.

Come live with a Lisu family in a traditional bamboo or teak house while experiencing life in the village. Engage yourself in village life style by working and playing side by side with the Lisu people. Enjoy warm hospitality and the simple, earthy, modest, honest, loving and supportive Lisu community. Engage yourself in village life by working and playing side by side with the Lisu people. Experience cultural immersion, hill tribe style. This picture is of guests helping with rice thrashing.

Our Mission...

Today the Lisu Hill Tribes are rapidly assimilating into modern Thai lifestyle. The ancient healing ways are falling away...

Our mission is to preserve and encourage the traditional lifestyle of the tribe by bringing people from around the world to experience the Lisu Hill Tribe lifestyle and help preserve it. At the Lisu Indigenous Health Retreat we support the old ways of healing and offer them to you.


You may also receive a Lisu massage @ 200 Baht/hour or a traditional Herbal steam bath (fifteen local herbs used)/250 baht /person.

Costs: Our fees vary from 300 baht/day for a simple homestay and no class, to 1000 baht/day for a class (some classes have added costs for materials). All fees include room and delicious home cooked meals using mostly organic food from our garden. Click on a topic of your choice for more information OR:

Contact us: email homestay@lisuhilltribe.com or call 0857211575 in Thailand

If you care to SUPPORT OUR PROGRAM you can donate funds by credit card using Paypal or to our bank account in Thailand or USA. For further instructions please send an email to Homestay@lisuhilltribe.com