The following classes are offered by the native Lisu Hill Tribe members. The people are highly skilled in what they do and  English speaking interpreters are available to translate for you when needed.

LISU MUSIC: learn to play and/or make traditional Lisu instruments: the gourd flute (made from a dried squash gourd and bamboo pipes with reeds made from a beer can), bamboo flute, and 3-string banjo.

LISU DANCE AND CHANT: Learn the round dance and the courting and blessing chants. Dancing occurs at all the gay Celebrations, especially around the Lisu New Year in February. A class can be arranged any time with a days notice. More here

LISU SEWING: learn to sew colorful Lisu clothes, for men, women and children.


MUSHROOM & WILD EDIBLE & MEDICINAL PLANTS: A trek can be arranged into the surrounding mountains with  Lisu and English-speaking guides to help you identify and collect edible wild foods and herbal medicines. Mushrooms and bamboo sprouts  are found in abundance from mid May to October.

LISU DIET AND FOOD PREP: The Lisu eat a wide variety of vegetables which they garden and also collect in the wild. They cook a lot on open fires and use banana leaves as wrappers to bake things in. You will work side by side learning to pick, prepare and serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicious meals.

LISU SPIRITUALITY AND SHAMANISM: Consultations with the Local Shamans. The Lisu follow a tradition of Animism mixed with Buddhism and Christianity. Time with the Shaman is billed at 200 baht/hr/person plus cost of remedies and ritual preparations. (For more details click here spirituality)

LISU MASSAGE: is very different from Thai massage. It is similar to acupressure and meridian massage with an artful sensitivity to what your needs and preferences are.