A courtroom is a very serious place and needs a proper discipline to function or be a part of a court hearing. The people who are present inside the courtroom have distinct roles to play. Each person in a court room is important as they function together to come to a recorded and documented conclusion through trials. Here are the different groups or individuals that are present in a courtroom.

The parties

The people who are directly involved in the hearing are in two different parties. One for the case and the other one against the case. Both the parties are a part of the lawsuit that will run in the time period. They are called plantiffs- those who are suing and defendants- those who are getting sued. Both the parties need to be present in the courtroom for the case to proceed. They are seated infront of the judge over the tables.



Witnesses are those who are present in the court room to provide facts and proofs over the dispute. During their testimony, the need to be inside the witness stand either standing or sitting. Their only purpose is to answer the questions asked by the attorneys and provide the necessary information related to the case for it to proceed.


Lawyers, Attorneys, or Advocates are the ones who lead the cases for the victims and accused. They sit at the council tables near the bench and stand up and come forward while presenting their reports. They are supposed to bring the facts, proofs, and other legal documents to prove their client innocent. In civil cases, both the parties hire a lawyer or take the help of a public lawyer. In criminal defence cases, the the accused is represented by a public lawyer in most cases.

The Judge

The judge is the main component of a court room who superwises every situation and provides a hearing. He or she is seated on an elevated platform and performs five basic tasks which are:

To maintain the order throughout the proceedings.

To check the evidence and make sure that it is proper and not illegal.

To provide a jury with the right rules and rights that apply to the case and the standards, they must follow to make the right decisions.

To make the right decisions based on the facts in bench trials.

To sentence convicted criminal defendants.


The Jury

A jury is a group of people seating in a boxed area on on the side of the court room. The judge decides the law in the case and instructs the jury to make decisions based on the law. Jury also resolved the conflicts incase the evidence has conflicts.

Court reporter

Court reporter sits near the witness stand in the courtroom and makes a written record of everything that is said during the trial. It is the official proof of the hearing and can be used for future hearings.

Court interpreter

Court interpreter is used when any one of the people available in the room speak and understand a different language. They interpret the proceeding in a language which the minority in the room can understand.